Sustainable, premium food & spirits.
Zero waste, zero plastic, zero compromise on flavour.

The world's first circular food and beverage brand.


Conscious Co.

At Conscious Co. we live and breath conscious business and collaboration. Every aspect of our operations is meticulously thought out with the planet in mind. We place collaboration over competition and seek to work with stakeholders to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

We are revolutionising how businesses utilise the assets around them. All of our products are produced from ingredients traditionally seen as worthless and normally destined for landfill. We use fresh, delicious, surplus food (think wonky veg, surplus and unsold fruits) to create tasty, premium and sustainable products.

Embedding the Circular Economy in our business we are the world's first 100% circular food & beverage brand.

Zero plastic, zero waste, zero compromise on quality & taste.

Join us!

Conscious Gin coming Q2 2019. Please enjoy consciously.

Our Team

Matt Founder & Farming and Logistics Director
Phill Founder & Circular Operations Director
Sam Founder & Production Director
Andy Founder & Design Lead
Tony Distiller Extraordinaire


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