The Circular Economy

Everything we do is underpinned by the Circular Economy, the business as usual, linear, take, make, use, dispose economy is no longer fit for purpose.

The Circular economy is the future, a world where products are regenerative by design, waste is designed out and new business models unleash trillions of dollars in value that is currently lost. For more information check out the great work of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation:

Without huge economic, industrial & social change we will not be able to get our planet back on track. Whilst Greta Thunberg & David Attenbourgh are doing a great job in highlighting the challenges the world is facing, there is very little information on what individuals can do day to day to help. Choosing Conscious Gin is a great first step but we also want to offer advice, hints & tips to living sustainably as well as supplying amazing sustainable products.


Taste from waste? Sounds good to us!

Waste is just a resource in the wrong place. It is estimated that farmers in the UK lose up to £1 billion of fresh produce before it can be sold. This is crazy and we know there is a better way. We take unloved potatoes that are wonky or too small to be sold and we give them some TLC by transforming them into our amazing premium small-batch gin. Believe it or not, there are around 10 unloved potatoes in every bottle of Conscious that normally would have gone to waste.


We got the power!

The power behind our production comes from our CHP plant located right on our farm, we use excess heat to power production and all excess energy is sold back to the grid, helping others purchase sustainable energy. Over time we will be adding solar and wind to our power mix. We are aiming to be the World’s first carbon-positive spirit company. This will see us sequestering more carbon than we produce and will put us at the forefront of the climate change crisis. We want to prove what is possible, leading the industry to enable others to follow.

Single-use Plastics

No Single-use plastics in our supply chain or packaging

We care about our planet and single-use plastics are having a devastating effect around the globe in our oceans and on land. The last thing we would ever want is to contaminate our only home or hurt the animals on it. We have a commitment to use ZERO single-use plastics in our supply chain, nothing, nada, zip! We are leading the way and showing that it is possible to break with the plastic addiction by using alternative materials that are fit for purpose and don’t cost the earth.

Our Bottle

Beautiful, Sustainable & Infinitely Recyclable

The use of cullet (recycled glass) in our suppliers industrial process has significant ecological advantages:- A reduction in the use of natural resources, as cullet replaces raw materials (sand, lime, and soda) A reduction in CO2 emissions (using one metric ton of cullet avoids 250 to 300 kg of direct CO2 emissions) Our bottle supplier has implemented an ambitious programme to limit and reduce atmospheric emissions.

Our Labels

Plastic right? Wrong! Fully Compostable

As we strive to omit single use plastics, we spent a lot of time sourcing our double sided label. Our label is produced from Natureflex Options derived from wood pulp with a Natureflex Clear Filmic Face – a compostable clear film. Even our adhesive used, BioTAK® S100 permanent adhesive, is a water bourne PSA based on a specially modified acrylic co-polymer.

Our Cork Stoppers

A Cork & natural Wood Stopper

Our suppliers only use the highest quality cork, they collaborate with the best cork growers. The freshly harvested cork planks are filtered for superiority, cut into strips, hand-punched to maximise material use and then modified in design to ensure consistency. This process enables them to maintain complete control. All the excess material is ground up and used for agglomerate corks which means they are able to reduce waste and recycle what they use.

Our Farm

Our gin is made from unwanted potatoes grown here at Balne Hall Farm farmed by Matt & Meg Wood and their family.

Situated in North Yorkshire, each year around 80 hectares of potatoes are grown on the farm, with the majority of the crop going into the food chain for our customers to enjoy as chips.

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Our Process

We take unloved potatoes that are wonky or too small to be sold and we give them some TLC by transforming them into our amazing premium small batch gin.

We separate them from the high quality potatoes, peel them and squeeze 10 unloved potatoes in every bottle of Conscious that normally would have gone to waste.

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Our Story

Conscious gin is the product of 4 long-time friends, Matt a farmer, Sam a stonemason, Phill a sustainability entrepreneur & Andy a Graphic Designer.

sat round a table one evening, enjoying a few drinks and chatting. We quickly established that Matt has an abundance of waste potatoes and there had to be something we could use them for. How could we give them value

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Our Ethos

Here at Conscious Co. we don’t just talk conscious, we live it. We believe that delicious Gin shouldn’t cost the earth, we are ushering a new era of fully sustainable spirit production.

Every aspect of our products and business model is meticulously thought through putting our customers, our planet and society first.

At Conscious Co. we live and breathe conscious business and collaboration. Every aspect of our operation is meticulously thought out with the planet in mind. We place collaboration over competition and seek to work with stakeholders to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

We are revolutionising how businesses utilise the assets around them. All of our products are produced from ingredients traditionally seen as worthless and normally destined for landfill. We use fresh, delicious, surplus food (think wonky veg, surplus and unsold fruits) to create tasty, premium and sustainable products.

Embedding the Circular Economy in our business.

Zero plastic, zero waste, zero compromise on quality & taste.

Join us!